Monday, 16 June 2014

Courage and common sense gives bag charge every chance of success

The Break the Bag Habit campaign congratulates the Government today on updating its proposals for England’s carrier bag charging scheme so that it will deliver the greatest benefits for the environment, retailers and consumers.

In response to calls from environmental campaigners including CPRE, carrier bags made from any type of plastic and paper are now included in the scheme, as are the smaller retailers who made it clear they want to take part. The scheme now has the best chance of taking England a small step closer to its zero waste ambitions, as well as greatly reducing litter and the damage it does to wildlife on land and at sea.

Samantha Harding, spokesperson for the Break the Bag Habit campaign, says:

‘The Government has shown us with this decision that it is willing to listen and engage properly with its consultation process. In responding so clearly to the calls of our campaign, and the concerns of other people and sectors affected by this charge, we can celebrate that an effective charge will be introduced that is consistent with those in our other home nations’.

‘Now that the details of the scheme are clear, we hope retailers will voluntarily introduce the charge in England in autumn this year, at the same time as the scheme comes into play in Scotland. With over 8 billion bags being used every year, there’s certainly no reason to delay it for another year.’

Bag charge scheme has greater chance to succeed after Government decision

The Break the Bag Habit campaign welcomes the Government’s announcement today that it has included [small retailers / paper bags / biodegradable bags] within its proposals for England’s carrier bag charging scheme. This demonstrates that it has listened to the conclusive comments given in response to its consultation in December 2013.

The bag charge is designed to significantly reduce the 8 billion bags given out every year in England, in turn reducing the incidence of littering and choked wildlife. By including [small retailers / paper bags / biodegradable bags] the scheme will be less confusing for consumers and go some way to reducing our reliance on disposable bags.

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