Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Renewable Energy

Wind farm policy

Milton Keynes council is again trying to introduce a policy that restricts wind farms. It has adopted a new Supplementary Planning Document which follows the advice from the British Society of Horses that wind turbines should be distanced from bridleways and footpaths as they could startle horses. It says that turbines should be a distance of at least four times their height away from long distance equestrian routes: the Three Shires Way or the North Bucks Way. For ordinary bridle paths, there should be a “separation distance of three times the overall height of the wind turbine to equestrian public rights of way or 200 metres, whichever is the greater.” For footpaths: “The expected minimum distance requirement is the fall-over distance i.e. height of the wind turbine (to blade tip) plus 10% to 25%.” Council leader Andrew Geary said: “This SPD is in accordance with the High Court ruling. I doubt we will see this one challenged”.

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