Tuesday, 26 November 2013



The sixteen day inquiry into expansion of Pinewood Studios in the green belt has concluded.


South Bucks council insisted the project will cause “substantial harm” to the green belt and could be built elsewhere. It also questioned the business case put forward by the studio. Stop Project Pinewood (SPP) campaigners dubbed the project “a pig with lipstick.” The campaigners said the current infrastructure could not cope with the influx of cars and HGVs the £200m extension would attract: “Pinewood own over 100 acres of green-belt land and want to build anything on it that will make them a few million and supply their greed. They don‟t care about the green belt, and they certainly don‟t care about people.” SPP chairman Sylvie Lowe added: “Many people bought their houses because of the rural character of Iver Heath and specifically the green belt.”

Bucks Free Press


Pinewood said: “Investment is being turned away and as a consequence national, regional and local economic employment, training and wider social and cultural benefits are being lost.” It claimed its project “is easier to understand” than its earlier scheme which was rejected over harm to the green belt. The studio plans to launch a shuttle bus service to reduce the number of cars using the new complex. London Mayor, Boris Johnson told the inquiry he backs the scheme. Hollywood giant Marvel warned it would pull out of filmmaking in Britain if the expansion of Pinewood is turned down.


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  1. The British Film Industry clearly needs more facilities to attract film makers to use the Pinewood Studios but this has to be accomplished in such a way that this has a minimal impact on the Green Belt otherwise the countryside will slowly be covered by buildings and our beautiful countryside lost for ever.