Thursday, 20 March 2014

Should Slate Meadow be returned to the green belt?

Wycombe council is proposing a review of green belt boundaries to accommodate housing.

As part  of the plans, Housing is proposed on Slate Meadow, a space previously removed from the green belt between Bourne End and Wooburn, substantially narrowing the gap between the villages. Now, Bourne End Residents Association is suggesting that Slate Meadow should be returned to the green belt.

Speaking to the Bucks Free Press, chairman of Bourne End Residents Association, Jim Penfold, said: “They took the site out of green belt land so it could become a potential development… If they are doing a review into green belt land they should review the possibility of putting Slate Meadow back into green belt.”

Bourne End Councillor Brian Pollock, backed Penfold: “There are serious concerns for me if they were to develop on Slate Meadow the whole nature of the area would change.”

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