Friday, 17 January 2014

Chalfont Holy Cross

Chalfont Holy Cross plans approved

Controversial plans for nearly 200 new homes and a care home on the site of the former Holy Cross Convent have been given the go-ahead on appeal. The scheme was unanimously thrown out by Chiltern council last year, but a planning inspector has now approved the scheme.

A major issue was the loss of trees on the site. The inspector concluded: “I am satisfied that there would be a sufficient presence of remaining mature trees as well as replacement planting… to ensure that the character of the surrounding areas… would not be harmed by the loss of trees.”

The inspector also disagreed with objectors who had complained that the size of apartment blocks was out of character with the area. She recognised the disappointment residents felt over the poor consultation over the scheme by the developer, but said “there is no binding imperative on the [developer] as to how such consultation should be carried out.”

Chiltern planning committee chairman Don Phillips said: "This appeal decision starts our New Year on a disappointing note.”


  1. I see they are keeping the chapel and bungalow but replacing the graveyard with a care home!

    1. This is another case where a planning inspector has overruled a local authority decision.
      The decisions seem to be based on subjective reasons where the rights and wrongs are decided by one individual.Surely a committee with an odd number of members is likely to give a more balanced view.

  2. Yet another example of an inspector overriding the local wishes, AND the Government's own "Green Belt" promise! A further example of the west of London 'urbanisation'. There could soon be a 'joined up' line of housing from Marble Arch to High Wycombe!!